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dc.description A linguistic analyser for tagging, lemmatisation and parsing of Scottish Gaelic texts. Morphological and syntactic analyses are available directly from the webpage (through the text area window) or as a web service. A simple tagger option using a restricted tagset is also provided. LANGUAGE DATA The tagger was trained with the ARCOSG corpus ( using Conditional Random Fields with scikit-learn ( The lemmatiser was build on the top of a lexicon provided by Michael Bauer and Will Robertson ( The integrated UDPipe parser ( was trained with link2 option on Colin Batchelor's UD Gaelic Treebank ( OUTPUT FORMAT Vertical tabular: - simple tabbed text for direct html page results, - simple tabbed text file or conllu file for web service results. Grammatical information encoded through ARCOSG tagset and UD tagset. EVALUATION Full tagger accuracy of 90.7% (measured on about 4.6% of the ARCOSG corpus) Simple tagger accuracy of 94.7% (measured on about 4.6% of the ARCOSG corpus) Lemmatisation and Parsing not evaluated yet.
dc.language.iso gla
dc.publisher University of Edinburgh
dc.publisher Vytautas Magnus University, Centre of Computational Linguistics
dc.subject tagger
dc.subject parser
dc.subject Scottish Gaellic
dc.title The Scottish Gaelic Linguistic Toolkit
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contact.person Loïc Boizou Vytautas Magnus University, Centre of Computational Linguistics
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